Learning out loud

Throughout Authoring Your Professional Self we ask students to write to learn out loud, to reflect on what they are learning, and to continually develop their thinking into more finished work products.

This page is a resource to support those goals – a list of prompts and topics and ideas to aid in the digital learning portfolio journey.

Students pursuing the Designing for Organizational Effectiveness Certificate should review prompts and topics and assignments at Learning out loud: Designing for Organizational Effectiveness.

100-word insight micro posts

Insight micro posts are meant to be quick, short explorations of ideas and insights you are having as you progress through any MSLOC course. They should be roughly 100 words – the length of a good paragraph. Don’t worry about making these posts into fully-formed representations of your thinking. Use them to capture insights and key ideas you might want to revisit later. Half-baked is good.

After you complete a class session or course reading(s), ask yourself:

  • What idea or concept or thought struck you?
  • Why that particular idea, concept or thought?
  • What makes it something that you want to remember, or explore, or connect with other ideas that are part of your thinking as a practitioner or leader?

Use micro posts to build the writing habit by committing to 8 insight posts during a 10-week class session.

The Reflection Pool: Prompts, topics and ideas


MSLOC course work

Select a concept from any MSLOC course (past or present) and describe why it appeals to you and how you might use it as a professional practitioner.

Re-purpose a previous MSLOC assignment, making sure to explain how it appeals to you and how you might use it as a professional practitioner.

Live blog an MSLOC class session or multiple sessions. What concepts are you learning in real time helping inform your learning journey?

What do you want to gain from the digital portfolio experience? Add one piece of research that informs your thinking.


Learning and organizational change profession

How do you stay professionally affirmed, renewed, enthusiastic, and inspired? Add one piece of research that informs your thinking.

Describe your three concrete wishes for the future of the learning and organizational change profession. Why did you choose these wishes? Add one piece of research that informs your thinking.

What is the world calling you to be, from the perspective of a learning and organizational change practitioner? How do you know this? How will you know when you’ve achieved this vision?

As a learning and organizational change professional, what are your five top guiding principles? Why? Add one piece of research that informs your thinking.

As a learning and organizational change professional, who are experts in your field that you follow? What are their viewpoints that you agree with? What do you disagree with?

Search the Web and find the most innovative learning or change solutions that companies are using today. Why did you select these solutions? What specific features make the most impact? How would you implement these solutions in your current or future company?

It is your last day as a learning and organizational change practitioner. Tomorrow you will retire. Write a letter to someone starting out in this field. What advice would you give them?

Describe a career situation when you faced a high amount of ambiguity. How did you resolve it?


Write a series

Write a series of posts (three or more parts). For example: Pick a client or class project and develop a mutli-part series for your digital portfolio, including pages, posts and featured artifacts that include images, video and social media posts. Develop it as a “learning journey” and demonstrate skills you learned – and how you learned those skills.


For fun

It’s the zombie apocalypse and you’ve been put in charge of protecting a walled village. What are the biggest and most immediate learning and change management concerns, from a people perspective? How you help ensure that your efforts inspire influencers and not increase resisters?

What is your favorite saying or piece of advice? How does it help show the world what you believe? What would the opposite of this saying/advice look like?

We see many photos on social media outlets that are funny, awkward or beautiful moments but we don’t know the backstory. Find one of these photos and write a short story about it.

This is an assignment for two or more people. Take turns writing a collaborative story via email about how to better design an everyday process. Each should write a minimum of four times. Post your final story.

Think of your favorite movie or TV show. Now, think of a change management or talent management in that movie or TV show. Describe it and indicate if it was successful or not. Why or why not?