The following examples highlight digital content from MSLOC students, faculty or alumni in support of the course Authoring Your Professional Self.

Leminh Hoang is an MSLOC student pursuing the Organizational and Leadership Coaching certificate. Leminh uses a static Home page with a brief introduction to her coaching approach. Her About Me page provides additional professional background.

The overall site navigation and structure follows the recommended framework for MSLOC coaching digital learning portfolios.





Chad Graham is an MSLOC student whose digital learning portfolio covers his work pursuing the master’s degree. He also contributed to the design of our digital learning portfolio course – Authoring Your Professional Self.

Chad’s About Me page is a good example of telling a professional story that integrates previous professional experience with a new professional identity that is emerging from his work at MSLOC.

The navigation and structure of his site does not explicitly follow the recommended structure for coaching or designing organizational effectiveness portfolios. But it does take inspiration from those designs. Take a tour of his site to see how to integrate different elements into an effective portfolio.